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¿Tienes alguna habilidad emocionante que quieras compartir con nosotros? ¿Quieres charlar sobre crear espacios comunitarios seguros? ¿Quieres asegurarte de que hagamos un buen paseo el fin de semana? ¡Propón un taller! No te preocupes si no eres unx expertx, queremos escuchar acerca de las experiencias de todxs, las historias de quiénes venimos y cómo han sido configurado los diferentes talleres comunitarios.

  • 18 years + counting: 2 queers reflect on lives & lessons in bike co-ops

    14 personas están interesadxs en este taller.

    Friends-for-life Mac Liman (she/her) and Morgan Matter (they/them) have been running bike co-ops, teaching bicycle mechanics, and recycling bikes in Denver, Colorado, USA since 2002, including operating the volunteer-run Derailer Bicycle Collective 2002-2013, volunteering and working as paid staff at Bikes Together (formerly The Bike Depot) 2008-present, working at Denver Bike Sharing B-Cycle program, and wrenching for half a dozen "traditional" retail, neighborhood, and social enterprise bicycle shops. We've visited and collaborated with dozens of bike co-ops around the US (including attending & presenting at Bike!Bike! Conferences from 2004-2009) and have sat on formal and informal boards and committees related to bicycle education, use, access, and advocacy. Our activism outside of bike shops focuses on ending white supremacy and moving towards the equitable distribution of land, wealth & power in the US. We've seen a lot of shit and learned a lot of lessons! The stories we plan to share will primarily focus on:

    1. Lessons in navigating misogyny & patriarchy in bike culture (how to survive it, how to disrupt & how to destroy it) as two people targeted by sexism.
    2. Lessons in dismantling white supremacy in bike culture as two people with race & class privilege
    3. The tragedy of capitalism and budget bicycles
    4. Our biggest impacts, regrets, and where we put our energy now

    This will be a panel-style talk followed by a Q&A. Please bring your questions!

  • Back2bikes attendance app and more

    Una persona está interesadx en este taller.

    Back2bikes has built a simple attendance app, which we use in the workshop on a daily basis. A couple of other bike recyclers in Melbourne are also using it.


    • Sign in/out
    • Bike servicing
    • Bookings
    • Member/customer portal
    • Online Payment gateway
    • Online shop
    • Integration with CRM (in progress)

    The source code is open source, and we are happy to share with other organisations - we can even host it for you.

    I'll give you a run through of the features, and talk about what is on the roadmap.

    I have a crew of IT students who are helping to write the code, and learn along the way.

    Happy to take suggestions around features, and even offers of help would be gratefully received.

  • Biking With Babies

    6 personas están interesadxs en este taller.

    One month ago I went back to work after a nine-month parental leave. Biking around Toronto, where we live, with my daughter Nora has been one of the highlights of my leave, and it’s changed the way I think about bikes and biking. My partner first started carrying Nora by bike as a three-month infant. 

    This workshop will be a guided discussion on carrying kids and babies by bike (before they are able to bike on their own two wheels). We’ll start with a short presentation of perspectives from parents who have carried their kids and babies by bike, followed by a discussion. Some of the ground we hope to cover: what are some of the options for carrying babies and kids by bike? What are some of the hurdles and barriers? What are the (unexpected) benefits? How realistic is it to replace a family car with bikes? How could the bike community, and society at large, shift to make it more accessible and normal to carry babies and kids on bikes? What questions does the group have about carrying kids and babies by bike?

  • Capitalism: Against it, Within it

    22 personas están interesadxs en este taller.

    As one of the founding members of a bicycle collective that has been around for almost 14 years, it is still painful to see that the system that our efforts reacted to then is still oppressing and withholding resources from the masses today; that system, of course, is capitalism.

    The point of this workshop is to provide a primer on how our shop (the 816 Bicycle Collective in KCMO, USA) interacts with capitalism. Then, with this in mind, I want to facilitate a discussion around how other shops do the same. The impetus of this is less about being angry that our efforts haven't moved mountains than it is about putting this conversation in the foreground. If we don't talk about capitalism when we talk about fulfilling a need that is based out of capitalism's failures, I believe we are really failing ourselves and the communities that we serve.

    Join me to talk about this and keep this conversation going. As much as I want to put this front and center at our shop in KC, I also want to hear from others. I hope to learn that we're just behind and that this conversation is already being had by other community shops around the world.

  • Federating community bike shops: the BUM case

    There are at least 15 community bike shops (CBS) in Montréal / Tiohtià:ke. In late 2019, members of BQAM-E and other CBS held a first meeting to form a coalition. Since then, a large number of these CBS have joined the project with a common desire to institutionalize solid links in the community under one flag: Bécyks Unis de Montréal (BUM) / Bikes Unite Montreal (BUM), a federation of CBS.

    Sadly, the pandemic has slowed the process down and the first major event was cancelled.

    Now that BUM is coming back in action, BQAM-E wanted to take time and place at BIKE!BIKE!  this year for a presentation. Some aspects of the presentation will be the objectives, themotives and the specificity of that organization, the types of links and activities that BUM wants to have, etc. BQAM-E also wants to discuss similar phenomenons elsewhere.

  • Reutilización Creativa en el Taller de Bici

    18 personas están interesadxs en este taller.

    ¿Qué cosas utiles has heco de chatarra/basura/superávit partes de bicis? ¿Qué partes y accesorios has hecho de otro chatarra/basura/superávit?

    ¡Prepara algunas photos digitales para compartir si es possible!

  • Sin Soldadura: Construyendo Bicicletas con Herramientas Comúnes

    14 personas están interesadxs en este taller.

    Muchas veces, las bicicletas que recibimos no son las que gente necesitan ni las que quieren. Hablaremos de maneras de crear bicis de cargo, bicis reclinadas, bicis altas, y más - especialmente reutilizando bicis y partes que de otra forma irian al reciclaje. Yo presentaré algunos ejemplos (unos mios y otros del internet), pero éste es para todos - ¡prepárate para mostrar tus propios proyectos!

    Si tienes una bicicleta especiál o modificada, por favor traiga algunos photos digitales.

    Email si quieres planear tu parted de la presentación por adelantado, o verificar si podamos traducirlo antes de la presentatción.

  • Software vs papel

    9 personas están interesadxs en este taller.

    He estado administrando Positive Spin como voluntario en Morgantown, WV desde 2013, después de que asumí el desafío en 2012 para salvar a la organización 501 (c) (3) de la liquidación. Inicialmente, todo se ejecutó con el sistema de registro en papel original, desordenado, ineficaz y altamente propenso a errores, que tuve que volver a ingresar en el sistema de contabilidad de código abierto, GnuCash, que reemplazó el método de hoja de cálculo anterior. Para 2014, era obvio que necesitábamos un punto de venta adaptado a las necesidades de un colectivo de bicicletas dirigido por voluntarios. De ahí que comenzara mi aventura en la búsqueda de ese software. Como resultado, desarrollé el sitio web Reuse Bikes y Reuse Code para proporcionar demostraciones del software existente, así como la página Wiki Software. Resumiendo esta historia, terminé desarrollando una bifurcación de la base de datos de bicicletas amarillas (YBDB), que atribuyo en gran medida a la viabilidad de nuestra organización desde principios de 2015.

    En el pasado Bike! Bike! conferencias, he presentado el estado actual del Software Libre diseñado específicamente para el funcionamiento de Community Bike Shops, aquí y aquí. Sin embargo, en esta maravillosa conferencia, estoy abriendo la palabra a todos los que quieran discutir y / o mostrar (compartir pantalla) sus operaciones y / o desarrollo de software, y / o hacer preguntas y / o intentar demostrar que el papel es mejor. y / o discutir lo que el software ha significado para el éxito de su organización durante la pandemia. Comenzaré la discusión con YBDB y luego mostraré el software de próxima generación que he estado desarrollando.

    ¡Bicicleta! ¡Bicicleta! con un giro positivo!

  • The Bike Brigade: Responding to a pandemic need, and beyond

    7 personas están interesadxs en este taller.

    When the first pandemic lockdown hit Toronto in March 2020, a small collective of volunteer cyclists joined forces to address the need for safe, efficient, and friendly delivery services tailored to vulnerable and marginalized communities. Thus, the Toronto Bike Brigade was born. Spearheaded by Dave Shellnut aka “The Biking Lawyer”, we partner with community outreach and mutual aid organizations in the city of Toronto to provide free and timely delivery of prepared meals, groceries and other food items, as well as medication, hygiene products, clothing, and even toys and art supplies. Hundreds of volunteers log thousands of kilometers of rides and haul a literal tonne of goods every month, year round.

    This presentation will describe the day-to-day operational aspects from a rider's point of view, including the technology developed in-house specifically for scheduling and dispatch. I will also touch on our social advocacy work, and how we embrace our motto with every ride: “Solidarity Not Charity”. Viewpoints and experiences from other organizations achieving similar goals are encouraged during this discussion!

    Moderator: Brian Tao (Bike Brigade and bikeSauce volunteer)