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Pop-Up Shops: Empowering Under-Served Youth

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The Benton County Health Department, and Corvallis School District partnered with the Corvallis Bike Collective (CBC) to improve access and inclusion in bicycling so elementary kids and families have opportunities to ride for transportation, exercise and for fun. These pop-up shops are springboards for introducing more people to active transportation and show how bicycling can be incorporated into their everyday lives to make it a healthy habit. Using active transportation to get to and from school benefits children’s physical and emotional health.

Participants either qualified for free or reduced lunch, were Spanish or Arabic speakers, or both. Anyone was welcome to participate in the Pop-Up Bike Shops, but bicycles were not available to the general public. Donated bicycles fixed-up by CBC were at the pop-up shops and everyone who received a bicycle also received a new helmet and a bike light. Mechanic services were also available at our Ask-a-Wrench mobile repair station. CBC hosted two bike drives prior to the pop-up shops.

The presentation will also include information about some of our best practices from the shop, primarily organizational infrastructure to help make shop processes as intuitive as possible.




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