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Who wants to talk about evaluating community bike shops?!

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Evaluation can be defined as the rigorous, scientifically-based collection of information about a program/intervention/organization to articulate and determine its impact. Many Community Bike Shops (CBS) already evaluate their organizations in some way, shape, or form. For instance, many CBS actively collect and report on data, such as how many people come through the shop, the demographics of patrons/members, how many bikes are donated and/or given away each year, etc. These pieces of information, called outputs, is a key first step to evaluating your organization. The next step to evaluation is evaluating outcomes, or asking the questions, “What effects or changes do the outputs of CBS have on individuals, communities, and cities they serve? And, how can we measure these effects/changes?” This presentation/group discussion explores this big question. Using data from a small pilot study in 2018, we will present and generate discussion on what evaluating the outcomes of CBS might look like and strategies to help achieve that goal. 




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