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Cycling Equity: Decolonial, Feminist & Anti-Racist Re-imaginings

24 personas están interesadxs en este taller.

Cycling & the bicycle can be transformative tools, it can challenge certain power structures as well as aid in or be complicit with the maintaining others:

Cycling has always been freeing to women –- but women of which race and class backgrounds?

An increase in cycling makes communities more accessible –- but how about the communities that gentrification that can be bolstered by cycling infrastructure displaces?

Working to adopt decolonial feminist and anti-racist perspectives and knowledge entails ongoing learning, unlearning, and questioning. This workshop hopes to do that as much as possible.

This workshop will begin with me talking and sharing my thoughts and perspectives and then wanting to hear from you all*, from your thoughts and lived experiences.

*though marginalized voices will be prioritized




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