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Know Your Rights!

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Summary: An informative and invigorating know your rights workshop by cycling advocate and lawyer, Dave Shellnutt. Dave will discuss the rules of the road and what to do if you’re involved in an accident, stopped by police or harassed while cycling. He will highlight the ways that the rules and law may or may not apply equally across race, class, or gender lines. Using examples from his life and legal practice he will highlight how interacting with a police investigation or insurance company may pose unique challenges to some while for others it could be all fairly straightforward. 

The goal of the workshop will be to advise people of their rights but also identify problem areas where those rights may be hard to put to use practically and what steps you can take to push back when it’s smart and safe to do so.

Goal: Educate people about their rights as a cyclist.

Timing: 15-30 including time for questions and discussion.

Equipment: None.

Speaker Bio: Dave grew up cycling on the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, Canada. From there he went to university and then to West Africa, where he found a calling in human rights activism. Now, Dave is a year round bike commuter and lawyer in Toronto representing injured cyclists, ensuring they get the support they need. Dave also represents other injured people, those who have faced discrimination and human rights abuses, as well as survivors of sexual violence. Dave does his best to be an ally, understanding and trying to navigate the impact of his privilege not only as a lawyer but as a white male.




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