Bike!Bike! Southeast 2020

Durham, Carolina del Norte, Estados Unidos

mayo 15 – 17, 2020

*Cancelled/indefinitely postponed*

---Due to the current health crisis worldwide, we are cancelling Bike!Bike! Southeast until a point in which we think it would be safe to host. We want to keep our community and your community as safe as we possibly can. Stay safe, wash your hands, and enjoy some solo bike rides, we hope to see you when we can!---

*Cancelled/indefinitely postponed*

Durham wants to welcome and invite everyone to join us for Bike Bike SE 2020!!

In our area of North Carolina we're overwhelmingly lucky to have so many folks dedicated to bike community, and advocacy, and wanted to take this opportunity to help bring those folks together,as well as folks a little further out.

We want to invite anyone from regional community bike shops, co-ops and collectives to Bull City, to celebrate building and inclusive cycling community and to share their knowledge. We're hoping to build a really cool set of panels and workshops, with plenty of rides and chances to share a meal with our new friends.


Gracias por completar tu registro. Nos veremos en Bike!Bike! La contribución puedes hacerla ahora o al momento de tu llegada. Sin embargo, te pedimos que lo hagas tan pronto como te sea posible para ayudarnos a financiar la conferencia.


We're hoping to be able to provide some host homes/yards, but if not there are plenty of hotels in the area, within a few miles of the Durham Bike Coop. If you are able to host folks visiting, please let us know!

There are plenty of hotels downtown, as well as Airbnb houses available, but if housing is a must, please email us at so we can try to make sure everyone has a place to stay

Talleres y Discusiones

We're very excited to work with some local groups like the ReCYCLEry, and Bike Durham, to help showcase what the Durham Cycling community is all about, but also we'd love to hear about what YOU'RE working on in your city. Have an awesome idea? Let us know in the registration form!

Currently we have ten panel slots set for 45 minute each but know those are flexible. If you have an idea where you'd like to invite others to collaborate on the topic, or wanted to hold a smaller round table discussion, just let us know so we can try to match you with the right folks.

We'll update with what's on the schedule as it's decided.



Paseo en Grupo

We're working on several group rides for the weekend, more information when they're confirmed!

Clima y seguridad en Durham

Durham NC is working on getting more bike lines, but fortunately we have a decent amount of trails, to get you around the city. A front light and rear light are legally required, so make sure to bring them with you. a decent lock is never a bad idea, bike theft isn't unusual.

Most of our downtown destinations/attractions tend to be in pretty well lit areas (gentrification results), but as you get further out of downtown, some areas are not very well lit. Plan to dress in bright colors, and try to buddy up, to increase visibility and safety.

Weather is probably going to be in the high 70's (~25C), with a historical average of 77/54 (21/12C). Please check in with your preferred weather app, to check a bit closer to the day, our weather hasn't been particularly reliable this year. Will update as it gets closer.

Cómo llegar a Durham

Durham has recently been added to the East Coast Greenway, so if you're feeling adventurous, head on through!

If you're travelling by train, and staying within NC, it's free to check your bike. If travelling from out of state, you'll have to check with Amtrak.The train will drop you off in downtown Durham. The two lines running to Durham are the Carolinian and the Piedmont.

The Raleigh-Durham Airport is about 16 miles from downtown Durham

Megabus travels to Durham for a cheap travel alternative, dropping you of at the downtown bus terminal, and the Greyhound bus also operates out of there.

GoTriangle is the bus system to getting around downtown and to Raleigh.

The major interstates are I-85 and I-40. You can connect to I-40 from I-95 which runs all up the East coast.

Taxis are available locally,with several companies being options. Uber and Lyft are locally available as well.

¿Qué traer?

If bringing a bike, or planning to borrow one, please bring your own bike lock, lights and helmet. Bike lights are mandatory in town. Bring a helmet if you'd like.

We're thinking of having coffee in the park one of the days, so if you've got a camping stove or mugs, please pack them as well as reusable utensils. Don't forget a decent water bottle Durham get get pretty hot in the summer.

Bringing a bed roll, or sleeping mat with you, as well as a tent if planing to camp, will definitely increase our ability to find housing hosts.


Well need volunteer ride marshalls, cleanup after social events, and help out with registration/check in. If you'd like to lend a hand to letting this go smoothly, please let us know!

Have some ideas on how to help in ways not listed above? Email us at

If you have certain housing requirements (i.e. dietary restrictions, allergies, accessibility needs) please let us know in the registration under the other box. We'd like to try to make sure that everyone is accommodated properly.

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